Trump/Grump: The First GOP Debate of the 2016 Election Cycle

This is the lightly-edited transcript of last night’s live tweeting, written by editor Dan Gorman.

9:09 PM, Thursday August 6, 2015 C.E.: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND We are live tweeting the GOP debate. Donald is on his worst – best? – behavior.

9:11 PM: Kudos to @ for actually asking tough questions tonight, and hammering Donald Trump’s sexism.

9:15 PM: John Kasich looks grateful to be in the room.

9:17 PM: Ah Scott Walker. He who would fund a new football stadium instead of spending the equal amount of funding on a college.

9:18 PM: Uh no Mike Huckabee, there is not a scientific consensus about life starting at the moment of conception. Any biologist would say so.

9:19 PM: Also, I’m pretty sure Mike Huckabee justified a President invoking the 5th and 14th amendments to overthrow SCOTUS. So[,] sedition. A new low.

9:20 PM: A strange day, but Rand Paul actually made a good point about not giving weaponry to military conflicts in the Middle East.

9:22 PM: @, good points about using federal $ to treat drug addiction and mental health. @, conservatives can help each other.
9:22 PM: To clarify: In the runner-up debate earlier today, Carly Fiorina said that liberals were misguided for wanting to help each other.

9:26 PM: Yes, Donald, what proof DO you have about your conspiracy theory regarding Mexico?

9:38 PM: Chris Christie sounded fairly presidential, but the issue of collecting metadata is not cut and dry. This legal battle will continue anon.

9:42 PM: Excuse me Senator Cruz, but President el-Sisi of Egypt is a dictator, even if he did stand up to radical Islam.

9:48 PM: Rand Paul is shooting daggers at Mr. Trump right now. To quote Barney Stimson, “And it. Is. ON!”

9:52 PM: Mike Huckabee just spoke in verse. Let’s do this whole thing in . @ has the right idea.

10:01 PM: John Kasich is a Republican in the Nelson Rockefeller mode. For that reason, John Kasich will not win the nomination in today’s GOP.

10:12 PM: Chris Wallace is HAMMERING Donald Trump tonight. Is this personal?

[Took a break to do something that actually matters – reading assignments for grad school. With half an ear to the TV:]

10:43 PM: Mr. Huckabee, our military employs engineers and doctors in addition to “kill[ing] people and break[ing] things,” your offensive comment.

10:56 PM: And that’s a wrap for debate coverage. Trump mouthed off, Walker and Carson were meh, Bush & Kasich held on, Paul/Christie/etc little impact.

[But wait! There was more – the most disastrous sound bite of the evening! Senator Cruz made this statement during his closing remarks: “The first thing I intend to do is instruct the Department of Justice and the IRS to start persecuting religious liberty…”]

11:01 PM: @, I believe you meant you’ll prosecute religious liberty, not persecute it? Either way, you just made the gaffe to end all gaffes.

[And I certainly hope the Senator *meant* to say he’d prosecute those who attacked religious liberty, instead of apparently attacking the First Amendment itself. ]

We are in for a very long election cycle….

Cover Photo Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images:


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