Against the Second Amendment as a Tool for Popular Insurrection

Erstwhile: A History Blog

This week, friend of Erstwhile and instructor at CU, Martin C. Babicz, examines the historical context of the Second Amendment and how it affects the legitimacy of the occupiers in Oregon. Dr. Babicz received his B.A. from UConn, his M.A. from Brown, and his Ph.D. from CU. In addition to both parts of the U.S. survey, he teaches courses on U.S. colonial history, the American Revolution, and America through baseball at CU. He is currently finishing up a book on U.S. history through baseball.

Whiskey Rebellion Tarring and feathering a tax collector during the Whiskey Rebellion.

The occupation of a federal building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon by so-called “militiamen,” shows why the misunderstanding many Americans have about U.S. history is dangerous. The armed protesters in Oregon, who call themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, claim they are occupying federal land to restore constitutional government. They…

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