President Adams is Laughing.

The organic matter residing within the umpteen dimensions of space and time that constitute the grave of our Second President, John Adams, is emitting laughter.

Instead of a dystopian hellscape after the election, we are living in a political outcome that has taken “President Adams ‘great fear’” of factionalism to farcical levels. The 2016 presidential election has been long. The longest in American history, if you even know the start date. A timeline so dense with memes as to be cluttered. There are a few key things to be taken from it, however. The Democrats went with the inevitable, the Republicans chose the unimaginable, third-party candidates finally emerged into the popular vote proper, and nothing is all that different.

The great titans that are the dominant political parties have found themselves puppets of the scream of Vox Populi. Populist ad-hoc centers of opinion have moved from the local public house, where seats and diversity were low, to the Internet. Loud crowds of people voicing a unified opinion no longer require a physical community or place to start a hue and cry. This country’s founders foresaw the anger that is so widespread today, and that’s why they left some salve in the cupboard.

Our Constitution tells us that there are three branches of the government tree. The standard-bearer is, of course, the president, the sole occupant of one branch, head of state, and nothing else more. Unifier is just an appellation written in a logical way; presidents have no requirement to abandon passion and rule in a calm manner. Thanks to the founders, though, two separate branches of government, with their ever-heavier histories, box in any president, past, present, or future. And despite the varied opinions in this country, there are really only two factions from the bottom to top (except for a handful of trivia answers about third parties). Again, nothing is all that different.

Meanwhile, no one wants to remember when people thought our President-elect was a plant for the Democrats.


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