A wonderful poem, appropriate for the dark days our country finds itself in.

Plagal Cadence

Why do you so desperately try to show Me
These chains you place on yourself?
Do you still not know
They are a choice
Not My hand against you?
Mortal, do you not see grace?
Do you still not understand
The power of My voice
The words of My decree–
You are free
And there are no conditions
No chains or prison doors
This is not like your world
I do not fear a criminal
I seek a child
A warrior, like Me
A peacemaker, an artist
A craftsman, a writer
A thinker, an actor
A lover, a friend
Someone like Me
You cannot live in chains
Not fully, not freely
And I have made you to be free
Take off your chains
I beg you
Your faults will hurt you deeper
When you cannot wear them away
With pageantry and eloquence
And narrative repentance
Believe Me
But, mortal, these…

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