An Ode to Nick Clegg

Just one cycle ago, we witnessed what could be considered perhaps one of the greatest debate performances in modern Western political history. In the first debate of the 2010 U.K. General Election, and indeed the first such debate ever televised in the U.K., both challengers – Gordon Brown, Prime Minister and leader of the Labour […]

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How to Fix Presidential Debates: What We Can Learn from Britain

During the 2008 election, John McCain pledged that, if elected President, he would introduce a form of Britain’s famous Prime Minister’s Questions – the weekly affair that involves the Prime Minister being grilled by members of Parliament, often to entertaining results. John McCain did not win, and Barack Obama did not reciprocate the pledge. As such, there is […]

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Miliband’s Sherman Statement

“Let me be plain: we’re not going to do a deal with the Scottish National Party. We’re not gonna have a coalition, we’re not gonna have a deal.” Then he went further. “If it meant we weren’t gonna be in government, not doing a coalition, not having a deal, then so be it.” When asked to clarify, […]

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