President Adams is Laughing.

The organic matter residing within the umpteen dimensions of space and time that constitute the grave of our Second President, John Adams, is emitting laughter. Instead of a dystopian hellscape after the election, we are living in a political outcome that has taken “President Adams ‘great fear’” of factionalism to farcical levels. The 2016 presidential […]

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Trump/Grump: The First GOP Debate of the 2016 Election Cycle

This is the lightly-edited transcript of last night’s live tweeting, written by editor Dan Gorman. 9:09 PM, Thursday August 6, 2015 C.E.: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND We are live tweeting the GOP debate. Donald is on his worst – best? – behavior. 9:11 PM: Kudos to @megynkelly for actually asking tough questions tonight, and hammering Donald Trump’s sexism. #GiveEmHell 9:15 PM: John […]

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True Detective? More Like False Detective

In 2011, Nicolas Winding Refn directed a low-budget crime thriller called Drive. It starred Ryan Gosling as a getaway driver-for-hire/sometime stuntman, featured notable TV actors like Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks in supporting roles, and turned Albert Brooks from a beloved comedian into a sinister villain. The crisp digital cinematography was dazzling; the soundtrack rocked. […]

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