President Adams is Laughing.

The organic matter residing within the umpteen dimensions of space and time that constitute the grave of our Second President, John Adams, is emitting laughter. Instead of a dystopian hellscape after the election, we are living in a political outcome that has taken “President Adams ‘great fear’” of factionalism to farcical levels. The 2016 presidential […]

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The History of History 12: How the West Won (For a While…)

After reading Kenneth Pomeranz’s Great Divergence and Immanuel Wallerstein’s World-Systems Analysis, we staggered into class this week with the literary equivalent of battle scars. We had read two dense tomes in a week and lived to tell the tale. Most people launched into conversation by stressing the density of Pomeranz, with his many footnotes and nuanced case […]

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Reasserting White Supremacy: South Carolina’s Ben Tillman and the 2016 presidential election

Originally posted on Erstwhile: A History Blog:
On July 10th, 2015, members of a South Carolina Highway Patrol honor guard reeled down the Confederate flag from a pole in front of the statehouse. Ten thousand onlookers roared excitedly as the flag descended, some cheering “USA! USA! USA!” – a traditionally patriotic shout that took on new meaning when…

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And Yet We Rise

This is long, but worth reading to the bottom if you need some hope right now. When I saw Pennsylvania go to Trump last night, that’s when I knew it was over and I actually spontaneously vomited from the anxiety of all of this. It caught me off guard and grossed me out, but it […]

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