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Why do you so desperately try to show Me These chains you place on yourself? Do you still not know They are a choice Not My hand against you? Mortal, do you not see grace? Do you still not understand The power of My voice The words of My decree–…

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Check out our correspondent at The Religious Studies Project!

Dear Tangents readers, Our editor and correspondent Dan Gorman is now conducting podcast interviews for The Religious Studies Project. This U.K.-based initiative interviews scholars and educators about current events, public policy, and the latest research about religion. The tone is scholarly but casual — anyone interested in religion can listen! Check out Dan’s interviewer page here: […]

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The History of History 13: Where’d All These Frenchmen Come From?

The warring monarchies of early modern Europe are not my specialty, compared to my European-historian peers, so I read Pierre Goubert’s Louis XIV and Twenty Million Frenchmen (1966; English version 1970) at a mild disadvantage. Still, I found that I rarely needed to peruse Wikipedia for extra context, as Goubert writes with a non-specialist audience […]

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President Adams is Laughing.

The organic matter residing within the umpteen dimensions of space and time that constitute the grave of our Second President, John Adams, is emitting laughter. Instead of a dystopian hellscape after the election, we are living in a political outcome that has taken “President Adams ‘great fear’” of factionalism to farcical levels. The 2016 presidential […]

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